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Wednesday, 08 September 2010 04:07

Testimonials:      Ride-On           (TPS)    Motorcycle   Formula

What People Are Saying About Us

Below are a few samples of what our motorcycle product customers are saying about Ride-On. The actions, opinions and comments reflected herein are not those of Inovex Industries, Inc. (“Inovex”) nor that of Inovex’s owners, employees, contractors or agents. Inovex vigorously supports the observance of laws and regulations regarding speed and safety. A tire that has been punctured must be inspected as soon as possible by a tire professional, to determine if it is repairable or if it needs replacement. Ride on, and ride safely!

"I've ridden through (almost) every state and province while using Ride-On. Never a flat. Not even on the infamous "haul road" aka Dalton HWY of Alaska, despite a puncture. I like the confidence and almost never need to add air to my tires.”

Jeff Leigh – Chicago, IL  (09-26-08)

“On my last motorcycle I had a slow leak in the front tire that caused it to flatten twice over the winter when it was stored. The next spring when I had the bike in for other work I asked the dealer to take the wheel and tire off and place it in a tank of water to find the leak. They were unable to do so, and the tire continued to lose air. I installed Ride-On shortly thereafter and from that point on the tire never leaked again. When I bought my current bike one of the first things I did was to install Ride-On in both tires, just to be safe. Ride-On works for me, thank you.”

T. Young, (09-09-2008)

“Ride-On is the best flat tire protection I've ever used. Recently I got a Phillips screwdriver stuck in the tread of the rear tire on my Harley-Davidson FXDWG. The tire didn't lose a pound of air. I didn't even know I had a puncture until I saw the screwdriver shaft sticking out of the tire! I've been using Ride-On for several years now. I'll be using it as long as it's available. I won't ride without it. Thanks for a great product!  I've got digital photos of the punctured tire, I'll be glad to send them if you like.”

Frank Laird, San Diego, California (09-08-2008)

“Ride-On has already saved me once! I'm a repeat customer and I've recommending you guys like crazy to my fellow riders. Definitely a product that works!”

Christine Malazarte, La Habra, California (08-28-2008)

“ I received tubes of Ride-On as part of your sponsorship of the 2008 SKI-HI ride to Alaska. I had Ride-On installed in the two new Metzler 880s I put on my BMW K1200LT. The product works!  I immediately noticed there was no front end vibration and the tires were quiet, and still are after 8,000 miles.  No cupping (as always previously occurred) or uneven wear.  No need to add air during the trip.  Tires have more tread than I ever had after 8,000 miles. Others on trip found punctures which Ride-On sealed.  My riding partner did not use Ride-On and ended up with flat and subsequent blowout, requiring 2 tows and a new tire.  He calls it his $1,000 tire. Thank you for the Ride-On.  It will always be in tires on both of my bikes.

Lee Geronime (08-08-08)

“On my 7th annual Florida/Alaska Motorcycle Benefit Run, my tires were at 40 psi when I left home.  At Fairbanks, AK, they were at 39 psi.  One biker who rode with me and did not have Ride-On had his tire pressure drop to 20 psi. Another biker (with Ride-on) in our group had two holes in his tires.  He plugged both holes and 8,000 miles later at the end of the trip, no problem.  One biker who didn't have Ride-On got a nail.  By the time he realized it, the tire was almost flat.  He plugged it.  Two days later, a blowout due to the tire damage.  Cost of towing, new tire in Alaska, mounting was almost a thousand dollars!”

Michael Tuccelli - Elkton, FL (08-06-08)



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