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Control Unit

Control Unit

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The Butler test and diagnosis system for cars and light commercial vehicles sets today’s standards for professional operators and test centres.

Developed with modularity and user friendliness in mind, this system incorporates latest-generation equipment in conformity with applicable safety

regulations and the laws governing the periodical testing of motor-vehicles in the various countries of the world.


The control unit represents the heart of the system. All the working units are linked to it.

Thanks to the user interface, the unit can be managed either by infra-red remote control or by the control panel keyboard. All details of the vehicle being tested can also be entered from the keyboard, as well as workshop heading, configuration and test modes.

The data received from the testing equipment are acquired by a microprocessor controlled electronic circuit board with A/D converter.

The data are then processed by a computer before being displayed on a monitor and issued in graphic output form by means of a printer.

The management software is extremely user friendly and graphics are very immediate and clear with Windows-type screen layouts.Thanks to the flexibility of the software, diverse operating mode options are available, including:

  • "Manual" testing, with selection and performance of tests directly by remote control with repeat option (ideal for diagnosis).
  • "Automatic" testing, with pre-selected cycle without remote-control operation (ideal for controlling).
  • "Ministerial" operating mode testing, in conformity with legally prescribed test procedures in the various countries.

Thank to the modular structure of the software, further options include:

  • The control of links to other components like, for instance, opacimeters, exhaust fume analysers,headlight testers, for linking outputs to videos and graphics.
  • The control of network links to other computers (e.g., mainline computers, links with Vehicle Inspectorates,…).
  • Data Bank management, for constantly monitoring the vehicle/client situation, following its development over time and thus providing clients with a personalised diagnosis.

The software also features a starting autotest function with indication of any faults found and constant monitoring of all system functions.



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