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SITCO offers drivers a first-class tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) known as an LED Smart Cap. The Smart Cap TPMS is an LED tire pressure monitoring device available for everything from commercial vehicles, tractor-trailers, industrial, off-road, construction, to consumer vehicles like motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, ATVS, SUVs, and more. It is easy to install and automatically calibrates to the pressure of each individual tire (it even can tell the difference between a dangerous loss of pressure – i.e., as the result of a puncture – and the natural rise and fall in a tire's pressure resulting from changes in internal temperature). A blinking red light on the Smart Cap indicates a loss of 4 PSI or more (8 psi trigger point available too). A yellow light indicates the battery is running low. Many consumers purchase SITCO TPMS in conjunction with Ride-OnTPS tire sealant in one. In the event of a puncture, Ride-OnTPS tire sealant uses the rotating tire's own centrifugal force to immediately flow into and seal a breach. Together, SITCO TPMS and tire puncture repair products offer drivers reliable protection from road hazards.
Main Features:

  • Easy to Install
  • Self- calibrating
  • Bright blinking LED light that is visible in daylight and night time.
  • Compensates for Temperature
  • Comes with integrated anti-theft device
  • Long Lasting low pressure alert.
  • Low battery alert.
  • Long lasting 5 year battery life
  • Saves time at pre/post trip tire pressure inspections
  • Proper tire inflation pressure
  • Great compliment to tires treated with Ride-On TPS tire sealant formula.

                        Owner’s manual for the LED PRESSURE ALARM

           Read directions before installation.


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